What to do in Carlisle

Carlisle is an historic City, and lies just a mere 9 miles from Scotland.

The historic city of Carlisle lies just 9 miles from Scotland, and is steeped in a rich and colourful history, waiting to be explored.

Wherever you go in Carlisle, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of Brigantian tribes, Roman soldiers, early missionaries, medieval traders, Cromwellian troops, Jacobite rebels and countless generations of ordinary people who’ve made this border city great.

Carlisle Cathedral

History of Carlisle

Carlisle has been a place of great importance since before the Roman Occupation, when the Brigantes ruled much of northern England. A sub-tribe of the Brigantes, the Carvetti, made their home in the Eden Valley and surrounding area, finding Carlisle to be a place of great importance. This can be seen in the name of this great city, linking it to the Celtic god, Lugh. This evolved into Caer Luel, which over time became the Carlisle we’re all familiar with today.

Attractions in Carlisle

As with any historic city, Carlisle has a number of fascinating and exciting attractions to visit during your stay here. With a host of attractions to choose from in the city centre and the surrounding areas, you’re sure to find something for everyone:

Dining out in Carlisle

Carlisle has a rich and vibrant food scene, with restaurants to serving a wide range of international cuisine. There are plenty of options to suit every budget, and many restaurants that cater for a variety of dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Shopping in Carlisle

Carlisle is Cumbria’s number one shopping centre, with its compact, level and largely traffic-free shopping facilities making it one of the UK’s most visitor-friendly cities. You’ll find a wide range of shops throughout the city, from well-known high street chains to small, independent shops selling a wealth of gorgeous products.

The award-winning Lanes Shopping Centre has a wide range of shops under one roof, with everything from fashionable clothing and cosmetics to outdoor gear. It’s in a highly convenient location, too, within walking distance from the bus station, railway station and taxi ranks.

Carlisle also has a Victorian indoor market, where you can find everything from fresh groceries, to florists and haberdasheries. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Carlisle.

Travelling around Carlisle

Carlisle has great transport links, including good roads, railways and close to several major airports, such as:

  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

If you’re arriving to the city by car or coach, you have a choice of three exits on the M6 motorway, giving you easy access to the city from the north, south and east. There are major roads in and out of Carlisle in every direction, conveniently linking it to the towns of Brampton, Penrith, Wigton, Silloth and Longtown.

An elegant train station serves four major railway routes, including:

  • The west coast mainline between England and Scotland
  • The Tyne Valley cross country route to Newcastle
  • The Cumbrian coastline to Barrow-in-Furness
  • Settle to Carlisle line

Local and national buses and coaches operate from the city’s central bus station, including National Express coaches, offering you a wealth of easy and convenient transport options.

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The gateway to Scotland

Carlisle is ideally located between the Lake District and Scotland, with easy road and rail links. From here, you’re close to Hadrian’s Wall, and Gretna and Dumfries, just over the Scottish border. You can also easily reach the wild Pennine moors and the picturesque villages dotted about the Eden Valley.

Whichever direction you choose to go, Carlisle is the ideal place to act as your base for your adventures.

Accommodation in Carlisle

From luxury hotels to budget bed and breakfasts, self-catering holiday cottages to youth hostels and a variety of camping and caravan sites, Carlisle has accommodation to suit all your needs and your budget. Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll experience firsthand Carlisle’s great warmth and hospitality.

Whether you stay in the city centre, or further afield in the Eden Valley, you can be sure of a highly pleasant stay.

Entertainment in Carlisle

As a vibrant and cultured city, Carlisle has an ever changing choice of events and activities for every age. Why not try one of the city’s independent and intimate theatre productions, or go and see one of the latest 2D or 3D releases?

There’s a wide choice of venues for evening entertainment, catering to almost every taste. Take some time to enjoy the lively bars and nightclubs throughout the city centre, enjoy great food and relax in a calm, friendly beer garden.

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