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Museums You Really Have to See When You Visit Carlisle

29th March 2017

We can recommend plenty of museums for you to visit right here in Carlisle if you have some time to spare in our beautiful city. At Carlisle Taxi Hire, we regularly take tourists and visitors to some of the most popular speciality museums, many of which are local and very easy to get to, with countless interesting exhibits on display. Plan your visit accordingly and if you get the chance, try visiting some of these popular must-see museums.      

Solway Aviation Museum

If you’re a fan of aircraft, artifacts relating to aviation, or simply like to see jet aircraft on display, the Solway Aviation Museum has plenty to see and do. It’s a celebration of post war British Jets and highlights Britain’s influence in aircraft design and innovation when the jet age was born. There’s an aging but pristine aircraft collection with plenty of jets on display, many of which served the RAF proudly during the 1950s and the 1960s. With plenty of photos, parts and original equipment for you to see, this really is the place to be if you’re a huge fan of flight.

Hadrian’s Wall

Walk through some of the most dramatic landscapes Britain has to offer. Spend time in Hadrian’s Wall Country, where stunning views and fortified frontiers await. Hadrian’s Wall stretches west to east through Carlisle to Hexham in Northumberland and the views along the way can be breathtaking.  Enjoy the story and the history of this Cumbrian Roman coastal defence and savour the history of the wall and its fort ruins. The stretch between Carlisle to Chollerford really is spectacular.

Tullie House Museum

Listed as one of the top places to visit in Carlisle, Tuillie House is an eclectic mix of history, nature and art and provides tons of fun for all the family. It has recently been named as the winner of the Cumbria Life ‘Best Museum’ Culture Award, and when you visit here and see the collections they have to offer, it’s easy to see why.  The human history collection is particularly fascinating that houses objects, photos and associated material interpreting life in Cumbria for over 10,000 years.       

Scaleby Hill Vintage Motorbike Museum

Any fan of old motorbikes will love spending time at this unusual and highly interesting motorcycle museum.  It houses a large collection of vintage motorbikes and is run by a man called Mike, who is very passionate about the bikes, scooters and memorabilia he has on display. This might be a little out of the beaten way but it’s definitely worth a visit if you like bikes with a bit of history.

A World in Miniature Museum

Everything is smaller at A World in Miniature Museum. The many exhibits found here are an exact 1/12 scale with furniture, paintings and even ornate works of china cut down to size and displayed in collections that are hard to believe. You’ll feel a lot like Gulliver on his travels when you peruse the works in miniature and won’t quite believe your eyes.  

Getting to any of these museums is really straightforward with many of them having their own websites and simple to follow directions to make life easier for you. If need a lift to any of the museums, you can arrange transport through us here at Carlisle Taxi Hire and call to book one of our reliable and affordable taxis.

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