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Get ready for your day at Carlisle Racecourse

11st November 2016

Going to the races for the day is always a special event to look forward to, and is the perfect excuse to really indulge yourself. Some people are put off going to the races because they’re not sure what to expect, but whether you’re a seasoned race-goer or it’s your first time on the track, Carlisle Racecourse is a warm and welcoming racecourse to visit. In order to help you get ready for your day at the races, we at Carlisle Taxi Hire have put together this simple guide of everything you need to know.


Dress codes

Unlike some other racecourses, Carlisle doesn’t have a strict dress code telling you what you can and can’t wear. However, you will be expected to make an effort and dress up, especially if you’re attending a bigger race meeting.

Ladies Night is renowned for the beautiful hats and outfits that can be seen at the racecourse, perfect if you’re looking for a reason to really dress up and make a special occasion of your trip to the races. Carlisle Racecourse offers a prize to the best dressed lady and gent on these occasions, ensuring everyone has a fun time.

In the Paddock or Grandstand, whilst there is no formal dress code to follow, you are discouraged from wearing either denim or sports shorts; the racecourse may refuse you entry or ask you to leave if they think your attire is unsuitable.


What is ‘the going’?

Understanding the track conditions will give you some indication of which horse to pick, should you fancy a flutter!

When you hear people talking of ‘the going’, they’re talking about the condition of the ground, which will be referred to as:


Whilst the ground should be relatively consistent, if there are any variations, the racecourse will let people know. Additionally, there may be a going map available, where you can see any variation in the condition of the course. You will also be able to see if the track has been watered to make the going softer on an especially dry day.

Once you know the going, you will be able to place a bet on a horse that’s more likely to win or place due to the conditions.


Carlisle Taxi Hire’s guide to betting

Many people come to the races to experience the rush of betting, and when you come to Carlisle, there are plenty of ways to bet and types of bet to place.

Types of bets

There are a number of popular bets you can play to maximise your chance of winning, or how much you win.


After the races

At Carlisle Racecourse, you can carry on the gun after the races have finished. The bars will close approximately half an hour after the last race and the gates close another half an hour after that. We can pick you up directly opposite the racecourse and take you into the city centre to continue your evening, simply call 01228 42 42 42.