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Everyone needs to visit Carlisle Castle this year!

14th October 2016

Situated at the northern side of the historic city of Carlisle, Carlisle Castle is set on a triangular 4-acre site and built out of grey and red sandstone. The oldest surviving parts of the castle include the outer gatehouse, the buildings of the inner ward and the half-moon battery. The 12th century curtain walls house a large outer ward where several buildings are still in use.

Continuously occupied since 1092, Carlisle Castle served at England’s main border fortress against Scotland until 1603. Being in the middle of regular conflict between England and Scotland, the castle has endured more sieges than anywhere else in the British Isles.

With such a long, rich and interesting history, it would be a shame to complete your visit to Carlisle without seeing everything the Castle has to offer. There are a number of things to see and do there, providing fun for everyone.


See Queen Mary’s Tower

When you come to Carlisle Castle, you can visit the turret where Queen Elizabeth I kept her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, captive from 1567.

Scotland was in rebellion, causing Mary to flee, but as heir apparent to the English throne, an ally to the French and a Catholic, England thought her far too dangerous to remain free. Their solution was to imprison her in Queen Mary’s Tower under the supervision of Sir Francis Knollys. Mary was allowed to walk at the front of the castle on an area that would become known as Lady’s Walk.


Experience the exhibition of the castle’s history

The exhibition at Carlisle Castle will see you immersed into its rich and tumultuous history as a number of colourful characters come to life as you learn their stories. Not only will you find out about Mary, Queen of Scots, you’ll learn a lot about famous figures, such as Bonnie Prince Charlie and infamous border reivers, including Kinmont Willie Armstrong and the astounding rescue mission his friends mounted after his capture.

Find out about Scottish King, David I’s, occupation of Carlisle Castle throughout a particularly dangerous time of conflicts on the border of Scotland and England. You will even be able to experience a 3D virtual tour of the Captain’s Tower and keep as well as seeing the wonders of the Old Militia Store.


Uncover the mysterious Prisoners’ Carvings

You will find mysterious and beautiful carvings in the keep of the castle, including stag, boar, fish, a mermaid and a knight. Whilst they were originally thought to be the carvings of prisoners, it’s now generally agreed that these gorgeous pieces of graffiti were the works of bored prison guards showing support for the ruling family of the time, the Dacres.


Set foot in royal accommodation

Once the rooms of King Richard III, enter the Warden’s Apartments to find out about the Lord Wardens of the West March and how Richard of Gloucester (later known as Richard III) filled this role with Carlisle Castle as his seat.

You can also explore one of the UK’s best preserved gatehouses by remembering to visit the Captain’s Tower.


Visit Cumbria’s Military Museum

The newest visitor attraction at Carlisle Castle explores the history of Cumbria’s County Infantry Regiment over the past three centuries. Experience a state-of-the-art World War One trench environment and immersive audio visual displays, and for younger visitors, there’s an interactive, fun and educational trail.

Everyone will appreciate the huge display of medals, weapons, uniforms and silver that marks the regiment’s history.


For more information about Carlisle Castle and everything there’s to see and enjoy, you can find out more here. Book your taxi to Carlisle Castle by calling 01228 42 42 42 or book online.